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Green and Clean

Green paint technology has come a long way. Years ago, eco-friendly paint was available in a very limited array of shades. Today, companies such as Sherwin Williams, whose PROMAR interior paint is shown in this living room, offer environmentally friendly paint in an extensive range of color options.

GO Green

Eco-friendly Equals Kid-friendly

More and more consumers are opting for zero-VOC paint in their nurseries and children's rooms. VOC stands for "volatile organic compounds" -- or gases with an array of short- and long-term adverse health effects, often found in paints, cleaning solutions, and disinfectants. The paint shown in this nursery is from Benjamin Moore's zero-VOC Natura line.

GO Green

Does No-VOC Exterior Paint Matter?

It’s important when ordering paint to specify that both the base paint and the pigments for tinting it are low- or no-VOC. Acrylic and latex paints are healthier, more eco-friendly options. Ideally, work with water-based paint, which is easiest to clean up. No- or low-VOC exterior paint—they’re much friendlier to the environment, and safer for your personal health, too.